Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Prepare to Defend Your Network Against Swarm-as-a-Service Swarm technology may be a game changer for the bad guys if organizations don’t change their tactics.
2019 and Beyond: The (Expanded) RSAC Advisory Board Weighs in on What’s Next: Pt. 2 Part two of RSA’s Conference Advisory Board look into the future tackles how approaches to cybersecurity must evolve to meet new emerging challenges.
Researchers Allege ‘Systemic’ Privacy, Security Flaws in Popular IoT Devices A report found that a dozen connected devices are open to several security and privacy issues.
2019 and Beyond: The (Expanded) RSAC Advisory Board Weighs in on What’s Next Forward-thinking predictions for the year ahead from some of the cybersecurity industry’s wisest minds.

Latest News

Phishing Scam Cloaks Malware With Fake Google reCAPTCHA

Phishing emails target a bank's users with malware - and make their landing page look more legitimate with fake Google reCAPTCHAs.

Reddit Gold: Alice and Bob, Caught in a Web of Lies

There was a shocking turn of events in crypto-world.

Video: HackerOne CEO on the Evolving Bug Bounty Landscape

Threatpost talks to HackerOne CEO Marten Mickos on the EU's funding of open source bug bounty programs, how a company can start a program, and the next generation of bounty hunters.

Data Breaches of the Week: Tales of PoS Malware, Latrine Status

U.S. and subcontinent consumers were the most affected by this week's exposure revelations.

Threatpost News Wrap Podcast For Feb. 22

From password manager vulnerabilities to 19-year-old flaws, the Threatpost team broke down this week's biggest news stories.

Threatpost Poll: Are Password Managers Too Risky?

Weigh in on password managers with our Threatpost poll.

ThreatList: Porn-Focused Malware Triples, Dark Web Loves It

Premium-access credentials to porn sites are hot in the cyber-underground, as credential-harvesting malware proliferates.

Adobe Re-Patches Critical Acrobat Reader Flaw

Adobe has issued yet another patch for a critical vulnerability in its Acrobat Reader - a week after the original fix.

Highly Critical Drupal RCE Flaw Affects Millions of Websites

Admins should update immediately to fix a remote code-execution vulnerability.

19-Year-Old WinRAR Flaw Plagues 500 Million Users

Users of the popular file-compression tool are urged to immediately update after a serious code-execution flaw was found in WinRAR.