Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Debugging Tool Left on OnePlus Phones, Enables Root Access Phone maker OnePlus is being blasted for leaving a developer debugging app on its handsets allowing phones to be rooted by an attacker with physical access to the device.
Adobe Patches Flash Player, 56 Bugs in Reader and Acrobat Adobe released a monster update for Acrobat and Reader patching dozens of remote code execution vulnerabilities, along with a Flash Player update addressing a handful of critical flaws.
AutoIt Scripting Used By Overlay Malware to Bypass AV Detection IBM’s X-Force Research team reports hackers attacking Brazilian banks are using the Windows scripting tool called AutoIt to reduces the likelihood of antivirus software detection.
Microsoft Provides Guidance on Mitigating DDE Attacks Microsoft published guidance for Windows admins on how to safely disable Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) fields in Office that are being used to spread malware in email-based attacks.

Latest News

Flight Sim Labs’ ‘Heavy Handed’ Anti-Piracy Tactics Raise Hackles

Developer Flight Sim Labs is in hot water after acknowledging that it has installed malware in its flight simulator product that it said targets pirate users of its software.

Year-Old Coldroot RAT Targets MacOS, Still Evades Detection

Researchers are warning users about the Coldroot remote access Trojan that is going undetected by AV engines and targets MacOS computers.

Apple Rushes Fix for Latest ‘Text Bomb’ Bug As Abuse Spreads

Apple said it is working on a fix for the latest text bomb bug that crashes a number of iOS and Mac apps that display specific Telugu language characters.   

Intel Expands Bug Bounty Program Post-Spectre and Meltdown

Intel will pay up to $250,000 to researchers who identify bugs more severe than 9.0 on the CVSS scale.

Reported Critical Vulnerabilities In Microsoft Software On the Rise

Avecto researchers say removing admin rights from users would mitigate many of the threats.

Word-based Malware Attack Doesn’t Use Macros

Malicious e-mail attachments used in this campaign don’t display any warnings when opened and silently install malware.

Dell EMC Patches Critical Flaws in VMAX Enterprise Storage Systems

Attacks include a hard-coded password vulnerability that could give attackers unauthorized access to systems.

Researchers Find New Twists In ‘Olympic Destroyer’ Malware

Researchers now believe attackers may have had prior access to networks and that malware was more sophisticated than originally believed.

Two Nasty Outlook Bugs Fixed in Microsoft’s Feb. Patch Tuesday Update

One of the bugs could allow a successful attack simply by a user viewing an email in Outlook's Preview pane.

Unicode Technique Used to Deliver Cryptomining Malware Through Telegram

It's just the latest reported vulnerability for the secure messaging application.