Monday, October 15, 2018
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Threatpost RSA Conference 2018 Preview Threatpost's Tom Spring and Lindsey O'Donnell talk about the top security trends that they are watching out for at the 2018 RSA Conference this week in San Francisco.
Calls For Regulation Build After Facebook Privacy Fallout Political actors and privacy activists are calling for more regulations on data privacy after Facebook's data security scandal.
New ‘Early Bird’ Code Injection Technique Helps APT33 Evade Detection Researchers have identified what they are calling an Early Bird code injection technique used by the Iranian group APT33 to burrow the TurnedUp malware inside infected systems while evading anti-malware tools.
AMD Rolls Out Spectre Fixes AMD notified users about new available Spectre CPU firmware and Windows 10 patches.

Latest News

NotPetya Linked to Industroyer Attack on Ukraine Energy Grid

Evidence shows that three of the most destructive incidents seen in modern cyber-history are the work of one APT.

Facebook Offers Details on ‘View As’ Breach, Revises Numbers

Facebook's VP of product management was able to discuss more specifics about how the breach itself occurred.

ICS Security Plagued with Basic, Avoidable Mistakes

A survey of ICS security posture found outdated firewalls, improper segmentation password mistakes and more.

Threatpost News Wrap Podcast For Oct. 12

Threatpost's editors discuss the top news of this week.

Microsoft Zero-Day Patch for JET Bug Incomplete, Claims Firm

The official update from Microsoft only limits the vulnerability, according to 0Patch.

Shining a Light on a New Technique for Stealth Persistence

Researchers devise post-intrusion attack that use existing system binaries to achieve arbitrary code execution to maintain stealth and persistence.

FitMetrix Exposes Millions of Customer Details, Accessed by Criminals

Gym customer data, including contact information, birth dates and height/weight data, opens the door to convincing follow-on social-engineering attacks.

New Drupalgeddon Attacks Enlist Shellbot to Open Backdoors

Drupalgeddon 2.0 vulnerability is being exploited again by attackers using a time-honored technique of Shellbot, or PerlBot.

ThreatList: Credential Theft Spikes by Triple Digits in U.S.

Meanwhile, the LokiPWS (a.k.a. Lokibot) malware family distribution is surging.