Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Apple Modernizes Its Hardware Security with T2 Apple has widened the range of Macs running its T2 security chip. Is macOS finally catching up with other platforms when it comes to secure computing?
Privacy Regulation Could Be a Test for States’ Rights As more states take cybersecurity and privacy issues into their own hands, experts worry that big tech will push for preemption.
Threatpost RSA Conference 2018 Preview Threatpost's Tom Spring and Lindsey O'Donnell talk about the top security trends that they are watching out for at the 2018 RSA Conference this week in San Francisco.
Calls For Regulation Build After Facebook Privacy Fallout Political actors and privacy activists are calling for more regulations on data privacy after Facebook's data security scandal.

Latest News

Sofacy APT Takes Aim with Novel ‘Cannon’ Trojan

The Russian-speaking threat group is changing up its tactics.

Critical Adobe Flash Bug Impacts Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS

Adobe issues patch for a Flash Player vulnerability that could lead to an arbitrary code execution on targeted systems.

Gmail Glitch Enables Anonymous Messages in Phishing Attacks

A glitch in the UX in Gmail allows the “from” field to be forged so there is no sender listed in the email's header.

APT29 Re-Emerges After 2 Years with Widespread Espionage Campaign

The group is best-known for hacking the DNC ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Olympic Destroyer Wiper Changes Up Infection Routine

The Hades APT group continues its quest to stay under the radar.

VisionDirect Blindsided by Magecart in Data Breach

Researchers say the Magecart threat group skimmed data of VisionDirect customers using fake Google Analytics scripts.

Ford Eyes Use of Customers’ Personal Data to Boost Profits

Ford's CEO sees the tech company model as key to the company's next chapter.

Stopping the Infiltration of Things

If a network-connected smoke detector starts communicating with the mail server, you know you have a problem.

Cryptojacking Attack Targets Make-A-Wish Foundation Website

Hackers took advantage of an unpatched Drupal vulnerability in the organization's website to launch a cryptojacking attack.

Emoji Attack Can Kill Skype for Business Chat

The \\"Kitten of Doom\\" denial-of-service attack is easy to carry out.