Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Yet Another Bypass: Is 2FA Broken? Authentication Experts Weigh In A penetration testing tool called Modlishka can defeat two-factor authentication in the latest 2FA security issue. We asked a roundtable of experts what it all means.
At CES, Focus is On ‘Cool Factor’ Not IoT Security When it comes to IoT, the priority at CES is the "wow factor" - but not so much a focus on security.
Biometrics in 2019: Increased Security or New Attack Vector? Should we pump the brakes on the roll out of biometric security to first consider whether we are creating new vulnerabilities?
The Promise and Peril of 5G As the hype at CES demonstrates, 5G is the newest and shiniest tech bauble out there: but security concerns loom.

Latest News

Google Play Removes Malicious Malware-Ridden Apps

Two apps on Google Play were infecting devices with the Anubis mobile banking trojan.

Fallout EK Retools for a Fresh New 2019 Look

The Fallout EK has added the latest Flash vulnerability to its bad of tricks, among other tune-ups.

Threatpost News Wrap Podcast For Jan. 18

Threatpost editors break down the top headlines from the week ended Jan. 18.

Critical, Unpatched Cisco Flaw Leaves Small Business Networks Wide Open

A default configuration allows full admin access to unauthenticated attackers.

Twitter Android Glitch Exposed Private Tweets for Years

Twitter has fixed the issue, which has been ongoing since 2014.

Microsoft Launches Azure DevOps Bug Bounty Program

Microsoft is offering rewards of up to $20,000 for flaws in its Azure DevOps online services and the latest release of the Azure DevOps server.

Apple CEO Demands Federal Data Privacy Legislation

Apple CEO Tim Cook has called on the government to double down on data privacy regulation in 2019.

Cyber-Jackpot: 773M Credentials Dumped on the Dark Web

Thousands of individual breaches make up the database, one of the largest troves of stolen credentials ever seen.

Cryptomining Malware Uninstalls Cloud Security Products

New samples of cryptomining malware performs a never-before-seen function: uninstalling cloud security products.

Threatpost Survey Says: 2FA is Just Fine, But Go Ahead and Kill SMS

Our reader poll showed overwhelming support for 2FA even in the wake of a bypass tool being released -- although lingering concerns remain.