Saturday, July 23, 2016
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15 Vulnerabilities in SAP HANA Outlined SAP recently fixed 15 different vulnerabilities that existed in the database management system HANA and subsequent communication channels. The bugs affect 10,000 users running the software.
IoT Insecurity: Pinpointing the Problems The Internet of Things today faces many challenges and obstacles as it matures, including concerns around security and privacy.
SoakSoak Botnet Pushing Neutrino Exploit Kit and CryptXXX Ransomware Research spot SoakSoak botnets spreading the Neutrino Exploit Kit that in turn infect the unsuspecting with the CryptXXX ransomware.
Researchers Crack Furtim, SFG Malware Connection Damballa goes deep with Furtim and SFG malware to uncover new details about how the two are connected, distributed and who their targets are.

Latest News

PowerWare Ransomware Masquerades as Locky to Intimidate Victims

PowerWare ransomware spoofs Locky malware family in an attempt to scare victims into paying up.

PayPal Fixes CSRF Vulnerability in

PayPal recently fixed a vulnerability on its site that could've let an attacker change a user's profile without their permission.

Google Fixes 48 Bugs, Sandbox Escape, in Chrome

Google fixed a whopping 48 security flaws in version 52 of its Chrome web browser.

Firefox to Block Flash in August, Disable in 2017

Starting next year, Firefox users who navigate to pages that contain Flash will be asked their consent before activating the plugin. The move, long expected, comes as developers seek to curb usage of Flash in everyday web browsing.

EFF Files Lawsuit Challenging DMCA’s Restrictions on Security Researchers

EFF says security researchers are impinged by DMCA laws that prevent reverse engineering software to find security flaws.

Oracle Patches Record 276 Vulnerabilities with July Critical Patch Update

Oracle fixed a record 276 vulnerabilities – more than half of which are remotely exploitable – as part of its July Critical Patch Update on Tuesday afternoon.

Google Chrome Malware Leads to Sketchy Facebook Likes

A researcher shined a light on how malware-laced Chrome extensions can give hackers control over your Facebook feed and more.

Ex-Cardinals Exec Sentenced Four Years for Astros Hack

A U.S. Federal Court sentenced Christopher Correa to almost four years in prison for hacking into a computer system that belongs to the Houston Astros.

Apple Fixes Vulnerabilities Across OS X, iOS, Safari

Apple fixed dozens of vulnerabilities across its software on Monday, including 60 vulnerabilities in its operating system, OS X, and 43 in its mobile operating system, iOS.

CGI Script Vulnerability ‘Httpoxy’ Allows Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Scripting language vulnerability dubbed HTTPoxy allows for MitM attacks on Red Hat products using PHP, Go and Python.