Monday, December 10, 2018
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Zero-Trust Frameworks: Securing the Digital Transformation Zero trust refers to the notion of evaluating  the security risk of devices and users within the context of any given moment, without automatically conferring access based on credentials.
Apple Modernizes Its Hardware Security with T2 Apple has widened the range of Macs running its T2 security chip. Is macOS finally catching up with other platforms when it comes to secure computing?
Privacy Regulation Could Be a Test for States’ Rights As more states take cybersecurity and privacy issues into their own hands, experts worry that big tech will push for preemption.
Threatpost RSA Conference 2018 Preview Threatpost's Tom Spring and Lindsey O'Donnell talk about the top security trends that they are watching out for at the 2018 RSA Conference this week in San Francisco.

Latest News

Old-School Bagle Worm Spotted in Modern Spam Campaigns

Bagle.A and Bagle.B date back to 2004.

Volkswagen Giveaway Scam Peddles Ad Networks

The scam is spread via Facebook and WhatsApp messages.

ThreatList: Gift Card-Themed BEC Holiday Scams Spike

Watch out for emails about gift cards and corporate donations, researcher warn.

Australia Anti-Encryption Law Triggers Sweeping Backlash

A newly-passed Australian law could allow the government to force tech companies to create backdoors in their products.

TA505 Crooks are Now Targeting US Retailers with Personalized Campaigns

Threat group moves away from “smash-and-grab” attacks and adopts a boutique approach to targeting victims.

Using Fuzzing to Mine for Zero-Days

Infosec Insider Derek Manky discusses how new technologies and economic models are facilitating fuzzing in today's security landscape.

Microsoft Calls For Facial Recognition Tech Regulation

Microsoft and the AI Now Institute are both calling for regulation as facial recognition software picks up popularity.

Infected WordPress Sites Are Attacking Other WordPress Sites

Researchers identified a widespread campaign of brute force attacks against WordPress websites.

Facebook Defends Data Policies On Heels of Incriminating Internal Docs

The company allegedly tried to hide away new policy changes that would collect Android app users' call and message logs.

White House Facial Recognition Pilot Raises Privacy Alarms

The facial recognition pilot will identify “subjects of interest\\" around the White House.