Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Apple Modernizes Its Hardware Security with T2 Apple has widened the range of Macs running its T2 security chip. Is macOS finally catching up with other platforms when it comes to secure computing?
Privacy Regulation Could Be a Test for States’ Rights As more states take cybersecurity and privacy issues into their own hands, experts worry that big tech will push for preemption.
Threatpost RSA Conference 2018 Preview Threatpost's Tom Spring and Lindsey O'Donnell talk about the top security trends that they are watching out for at the 2018 RSA Conference this week in San Francisco.
Calls For Regulation Build After Facebook Privacy Fallout Political actors and privacy activists are calling for more regulations on data privacy after Facebook's data security scandal.

Latest News

Emotet Campaign Ramps Up with Mass Email Harvesting Module

The new variant can exfiltrate emails for a period going back 180 days, en masse.

U.S. Chip Cards Are Being Compromised in the Millions

A full 60 million U.S. cards were compromised in the past 12 months. While 93 percent of those were EMV chip-enabled, merchants continued to use mag stripes.

Malware-Laced App Lurked on Google Play For a Year

Google Play’s policy prohibits apps or SDKs that download executable code, such as dex files or native code, from a source other than Google Play

New Boom in Facial Recognition Tech Prompts Privacy Alarms

Tech advances are accelerating the use of facial recognition as a reliable and ubiquitous mass surveillance tool, privacy advocates warn.

Lawsuits Aim Billions in Fines at Equifax and Ad-Targeting Companies

The results could start a wave of major damages for companies that collect and sell consumer information.

Recently-Patched Adobe ColdFusion Flaw Exploited By APT

The critical vulnerability, which was patched earlier in September, has put ColdFusion servers at risk.

ThreatList: Google Play Nine Times Safer Than Third-Party App Stores

Out of the 2 billion Android users out there, the rate of potential malware infection is less than 1 percent across the board, Google says.

Threatpost News Wrap Podcast for Nov. 9

The Threatpost editors break down the top news stories from this week.

Embracing the Cybersecurity ‘Grey Space’

Security teams carefully monitor potential threat activity, but incidents aren’t always black and white.

Pentagon Draws Back the Veil on APT Malware with Sudden Embrace of VirusTotal

Two samples have already been added to the malware zoo, indicating a new openness from the federal government when it comes to cyber.