Thursday, August 25, 2016
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Hancitor Downloader Shifts Attack Strategy Macro-based attacks are a dime a dozen, but a new Hancitor variant illustrates how cybercriminals are upping their game when it comes building more sophisticated malicious attachments.
Juniper Acknowledges Equation Group Targeted ScreenOS Juniper Networks on Friday acknowledged that implants contained in the ShadowBrokers data dump target NetScreen firewalls running ScreenOS.
Eddie Bauer Confirms Payment Card Breach of US, Canadian Stores Clothing store Eddie Bauer has become the latest retail store to acknowledge that malware has led to a breach of its point of sale systems.
GPG Patches 18-Year-Old Libgcrypt RNG Bug New versions of GPG and its crypto library Libgcrypt were released on Wednesday addressing a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to predict Libgcrypt RNG output.

Latest News

Tor Update Fixes ReachableAddresses Problem

Tor updated its software to and fixed a number of issues, including a bug in the ReachableAddresses option that possibly degrades anonymity.

Cisco Begins Patching Equation Group ASA Zero Day

Cisco today began the process of patching a zero-day vulnerability in its Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software exposed in the ShadowBrokers data dump.

GTAGaming Hack Blamed on Old vBulletin Software

A breach that exposed 200,000 Grand Theft Auto fan forum users' email addresses and private data is being blamed on an exploit of outdated and vulnerable vBulletin software.

Leaked ShadowBrokers Attack Upgraded to Target Current Versions of Cisco ASA

Researchers at Silent Signal have ported the ShadowBrokers' Equation Group exploit for Cisco ASA firewalls to newer versions of the product.

Wildfire Ransomware Campaign Disrupted

Victims of the mostly Dutch-leaning ransomware WildFire can now get their files back without paying attackers.

New Collision Attacks Against 3DES, Blowfish Allow for Cookie Decryption

Researchers have found a new way to recover and decrypt authentication cookies from 3DES and Blowfish protected traffic. In response, OpenSSL is expected to deprecate 3DES' designation from high to medium.

Epic Games Forums Hacked, SQL Injection Vulnerability Blamed

A SQL injection vulnerability is being blamed in the hack of 800,000 users accounts for popular gaming forums run by Epic Games.

GozNym Banking Trojan Targeting German Banks

Fresh from targeting banks in Poland, the banking Trojan GozNym has begun taking aim at banks in Germany.

Timing of Browser-Based Security Alerts Could Be Better

New academic research shows that security warnings should be better timed to pop up when computers users are less likely to be multitasking.

Obihai Patches Memory Corruption, DoS, CSRF Vulnerabilities in IP Phones

Obihai Technology recently patched a slew of issues in its ObiPhone IP phone products that could have led to memory corruption, a buffer overflow, and denial of service conditions, among other outcomes.