Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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Why WhatsApp’s ‘Backdoor’ Isn’t a Backdoor A chorus of security experts say allegations WhatsApp's end-to-end messaging platform has a backdoor are wrong and explain why reports making the claim are false.
Andrew Macpherson on Intelligence Gathering with Maltego Operations Manager at Paterva Andrew Macpherson outlines the details of the "Digital Intelligence Gathering using Maltego" course being offered at SAS 2017.
White House Approves New Rules for Sharing of Raw Intelligence Data New rules signed by the president last week change the way the NSA is able to share raw intelligence data with other intelligence community agencies.
Cloudflare Shares National Security Letter It Received in 2013 Cloudflare on Tuesday was finally able to post a National Security Letter it received from the FBI back in 2013.

Latest News

Carbanak Using Google Services for Command and Control

Carbanak has surfaced again with new campaigns using Google hosted services such as Forms and Sheets as command and control channels.

Docker Patches Container Escape Vulnerability

Docker has patched a privilege escalation vulnerability that could lead to container escapes, allowing a hacker to affect operations of a host from inside a container.

Oracle Patches 270 Vulnerabilities in Year’s First Critical Patch Update

Oracle patched 270 vulnerabilities, many remotely exploitable, across 45 different products as part of its quarterly Critical Patch Update (CPU) on Tuesday.

Spora Ransomware Offers Victims Unique Payment Options

Researchers are keeping close tabs on a new ransomware strain called Spora that offers victims unique payment options.

New RCE Flaws Found in Samsung Smartcam

Samsung Smartcam devices are vulnerable to remote takeover via a malicious firmware update, researchers with the former GTVHacker group said.

Vulnerabilities Leave iTunes, App Store Open to Script Injection

Researchers say iTunes and Apple's App Store suffer from a persistent input validation and mail encoding web vulnerability. If exploited, it could allow an attacker to inject their own malicious script.

Router Vulnerabilities Disclosed in July Remain Unpatched

Command injection vulnerabilities and accessible default admin credentials in home routers distributed by Thailand’s largest broadband provider remain unpatched despite private disclosures to the vendors last July.

SHA-1 End Times Have Arrived

Things are about to get a lot safer on the internet with SHA-2, but there is plenty of work still to be done when it comes to SHA-1 deprecation.

WhatsApp Says ‘Backdoor’ Claim Bogus

Claims of a security hole in WhatsApp’s messenger app were shot down by WhatsApp, which called the allegations false.

Google’s Key Transparency Simplifies Public Key Lookups

Google has taken a big step toward simplifying public key lookups at Internet scale with the release to open source on Thursday of Key Transparency.