Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Scope of Gaping Android Security Hole Grows Security researchers at Skycure are upping the ante on a vulnerability that it says now leaves 95.4 percent of all Android devices vulnerable to an attack that hands over control of a phone or tablet to an attacker.
Google Set to Kill SSLv3 and RC4 in SMTP, Gmail in June Google announced this week that it will begin to disable SSLv3 and RC4 a month from now, on June 16.
Academics Make Theoretical Breakthrough in Random Number Generation Two University of Texas academics have made what some experts believe is a breakthrough in random number generation that could have longstanding implications for cryptography and computer security.
Emergency Flash Update Patches Public Zero Day Adobe pushed out an emergency Flash Player update, patching a zero-day vulnerability. Adobe said a public exploit exists for CVE-2016-4117.

Latest News

Cybercrime Hit Businesses Hardest in 2015, says IC3 Report

Businesses were hit hardest by inbox-based scams in 2015 that robbed U.S. companies of $263 million.

Judge Tosses Evidence Gathered by FBI’s Tor Exploit

A federal judge granted a defense motion in the case of a Vancouver teacher charged with possession of child pornography, excluding evidence gathered by a FBI network investigative technique that exploits an unpatched hole in the Tor browser.

Researcher Pockets $30,000 in Chrome Bounties

Mariusz Mlynski is having a May to remember, earning $30,000 in bounties from Google for vulnerabilities he discovered and disclosed, on top of another $15,500 earlier this month from the same program.

Microsoft Moves Against Bad Passwords

Microsoft says enterprises need to ban common passwords and rethink outdated ideas about what makes a strong password.

Amazon Users Targets of Massive Locky Spear-Phishing Campaign

Researchers tracked a Locky ransomware and spam attack that spoofed an Amazon shipping email that included an estimated 100 million sent missives.

Canary Watch Project Runs Its Course

The coalition behind, a database of warrant canaries, has decided to no longer accept new submissions, nor monitor existing canaries for changes.

Moxa MiiNePort Devices Leak Data, Open to Unauthorized Access

Embedded serial device servers built by Moxa and used in a number of critical industries remain vulnerable to three serious security issues that have not been patched by the vendor.

Wekby APT Gang Using DNS Tunneling for Command and Control

Wekby attackers are turning to the technique known as DNS tunneling in lieu of more conventional HTTP delivery of command and controls for remote access control of infected computer networks.

APT Groups Finding Success with Patched Microsoft Flaw

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have identified six APT groups using exploits for a Microsoft Office flaw that was patched in September 2015.