Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Threatpost RSA Conference 2018 Preview Threatpost's Tom Spring and Lindsey O'Donnell talk about the top security trends that they are watching out for at the 2018 RSA Conference this week in San Francisco.
Calls For Regulation Build After Facebook Privacy Fallout Political actors and privacy activists are calling for more regulations on data privacy after Facebook's data security scandal.
New ‘Early Bird’ Code Injection Technique Helps APT33 Evade Detection Researchers have identified what they are calling an Early Bird code injection technique used by the Iranian group APT33 to burrow the TurnedUp malware inside infected systems while evading anti-malware tools.
AMD Rolls Out Spectre Fixes AMD notified users about new available Spectre CPU firmware and Windows 10 patches.

Latest News

Word Attachment Delivers FormBook Malware, No Macros Required

A new wave of document attacks targeting inboxes do not require enabling macros in order for adversaries to trigger an infection chain that ultimately delivers FormBook malware.

Mirai Variant Targets Financial Sector With IoT DDoS Attacks

Researchers said a Mirai botnet variant, possibly linked to the IoTroop or Reaper botnet, was leveraged in attacks against the financial sector.

Delta, Sears Breaches Blamed on Malware Attack Against a Third-Party Chat Service

Security experts say breaches impacting Delta Air Lines and Sears customers is tied to malware planted on a third-party chat service.

Rarog Trojan ‘Easy Entry’ For New Cryptomining Crooks, Report Warns

A malware family called Rarog is becoming an appealing and affordable entry point for hackers to run cryptocurrency mining campaigns, researchers say.

Facebook Bolsters Privacy Measures With New Data Access Restrictions

Facebook on Wednesday listed a number of new data access restrictions it is implementing as the social media company looks to prioritize privacy for end users.

Intel Tells Remote Keyboard Users to Delete App After Critical Bug Found

Intel said it is lights out for its Remote Keyboard app just as security researchers find three vulnerabilities that let local attackers inject keystrokes in sessions.

Insecure SCADA Systems Blamed in Rash of Pipeline Data Network Attacks

After a cyberattack shut down numerous pipeline communication networks this week experts are stressing the importance of securing third-party systems in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) environments.

Google’s April Android Security Bulletin Warns of 9 Critical Bugs

Google updates its Android OS to address its own OS and component partners Qualcomm and Broadcom.

Panera Bread Slammed After Keeping Massive Data Leak Quiet For Eight Months

Panera is in hot water after sitting on a massive data leak for eight months on its website - and then trying to downplay the amount of customers impacted by the leak.

U.S. DoD Hopes To Stamp Out Threats With Bug Bounty Program

The U.S. Department of Defense is the latest government entity to double down on vulnerabilities, on Monday announcing a new bug bounty program.