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Remote Help Desk

Got a problem but don’t feel like getting down on the ground, unplugging all your cables, packing the computer up in the car, fighting traffic, and wasting your valuable time just to bring it to us?  Having to be without your computer for days at a time while you wait in line for diagnostics in repair and the hassle of finding spare time to come pickup your computer, take it home, and trying to figure out which wires go where sometimes just isn’t worth the hassle sometimes!

Now there is an alternative.  Introducing MicroHelp’s Remote Help Desk service.  With virtually no wait time to talk to a technician, you problem could be fixed in as little as 15 minutes!  No need to worry about finding time to bring us your PC then pick it up.  No need to worry about figuring out how to plug everything back in so it works correctly.  And you’ll never be without your computer!

Our rate for Remote Help Desk is $45 for the first 15 minutes and then only $2.50 per minute thereafter.

Be sure to read about our Remote Control & Monitoring SmartPlan subscription for those of you who want a few extra benefits.

Start begin a Remote Help Desk session, call a technician at (757) 873-6707 and click the start button below to begin once instructed to do so.

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