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Website & E-Mail Services

Whether it’s a simple static site with a couple pages to give your company a web presence or a full featured solution allowing you to do business online, we’re here to help. We offer website design services, website and e-mail hosting, and Microsoft Exchange e-mail hosting.

Website and E-Mail Hosting


Our website hosting packages start $14.95 a month and include your own domain name, unlimited bandwidth, 2GB of storage space, and unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts.

More and more web hosts are over-loading their servers (cramming way too many web-sites on the same server). Perhaps you too were lured in by their cheap price, and later experienced the cost — unreliable web-site performance. Our state of the art servers are never over-sold or overloaded and with the real-time and historical ‘CPU usage graphs’ inside your control panel, you’ve got PROOF your server always has plenty of EXTRA processing power, and… your web pages are being served instantly (not delayed by a traffic jam on the server).

We use the widely known and supported cPanel software and have all the common features and software installed such as PHP, MySQL, FTP access, web-based file manager, PHPMyAdmin, AWStats, and much more!

Server Based Anti-SPAM Add-On


We know time is important to you. That’s why we have developed and implemented our own secure SPAM filtering software which pulls blacklist data from many of the major known blacklisting sources which stops SPAM from even getting to your mailbox in the first place. It also employs an intelligent message filter which assigns a SCL (SPAM confidence value) and a PCL (Phishing confidence value) to each inbound message based on factors such as message content, headers, and IP address. If the SCL or PCL is over a certain limit, the message is automatically placed in your Junk E-Mail folder. No longer will you have to deal with annoying spam and phishing e-mails that waste your time and fill up your in-box. With our server based filtering implementation, spam is virtually eliminated! This optional add-on covers all e-mail accounts for your domain name and costs $2.50 a month per mailbox (all mailboxes must be covered; cannot selectively choose mailboxes for this add-on).

Exchange E-Mail Hosting Add-On


If you’re looking for more time saving features and value, then our optional Exchange e-mail hosting add-on is for you. Exchange e-mail hosting stores all of your e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes in one central location. The initial storage quota is set at 5GB but can be upgraded if needed. The advantage to having these items centrally located on our powerful Exchange hosting server is that you don’t need to worry about backing up these items. And because they’re centrally located, even if you’re not at your computer you can access everything remotely from any computer in the world, just as if you were sitting down in front of your computer with Outlook open. Exchange e-mail hosting features PUSH technology which immediately pushes new e-mails, calendar items, contacts, etc right to your computer or smart phone device. Exchange e-mail hosting also allows you to share calendars or send calendar event invitations with other people in your organization. The Exchange e-mail hosting add-on costs $9.95 a month per e-mail address subscribed and requires the secure anti-spam add-on listed above.

Website Design Services Consultation


Basic, no obligation consultation seminar. Web design services are quoted on a individual basis and are determined upon the needs of your business. Contact one of our web services specialists for more information or to setup a consultation seminar to discuss the benefits of having a web presence and ideas on how you can expand your business by having a website and your own dot-com domain name.

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